Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Disappointed with facebook..

Picture Hay nako, naiinis ako ngaung araw na to, nung naglog-in ako sa facebook - auto login na ko sa laptop. Pull up ng mozilla at type , pag hit ng enter , Account is disabled. Huh bkit?! sabay login din ni hubby - Acocunt is Disabled.

Ako : Bkit disabled account ntn - SPAMMER b tayo
Anna : (kapatid ko) bkit disabled din akin ung dalawa kong acocunt
Hubby :Bka error lng sa facebook
Anna: nagtext c boyfriend disabled din ung 2 account nya

Pagdating sa office nka-attach pdin ung facebook nila sa ym ver 11 nila..hmp ---> na-hack ba ako?

Grrrr..... grabe nmn, facebook is the only thing connects me to my friends, long lost friends, malayong kaibigan (outside phil friends haha ), and realatives..

Im thinking that im not/we are not being hacked, its just facebook management deleted the acocunt itself so that we will create new acccount again , and the hits on the Facebook will increase. Or some glitch on there database lng. ( my gaun tlagang conclusion - iba mag-isip ang I.T) hehhehe.

Resolution, mag create ulit ng account.. :(

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