Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas 2012 at the Hospital

This is the first Christmas ever we spent on the hospital. My daughter Isha was admitted Dec 24th, she's been sick for 3 days. Flu, fever, cough, and lost of appetite, my husband took her to Our Lady of Piat (where he works at as a nurse). More laboratory test to define her condition that could lead to Dengue, UTI, Pneumonia. Until the Xray confirms it's Pneumonia. Seeing your child crying out loud breaks my heart, that you could not do anything but to comfort her. This is also the first time she was admitted in hospital.

Dad helping out isha for the nebulizer.

After 3days of confinement we are discharge and ready to go home. But the Doctor advise to continue still the Meds taken. My little Isha was not able to enjoy the Christmas, and Mom promise once your OK we will go some trips.

Third day at the hospital, she's now getting some fuddies..

Watch her favorite Tinkerbell, since we cant do anything.

Opening of gifts on Christmas Eve at the hospital.

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