Monday, September 2, 2019



Your jaded heart
And my rose-colored glasses
We make quite a pair
Let's meet halfway
On a bridge
That we'll repair
Squaring the circle
Will you dare?
You should know
You make me feel
Like I'm walking
On air


Saturday, August 17, 2019


Missed the chance to able to..

 Since you missed it, you feel unfulfilled, unsatisfied and disabled.

It's just a feeling, you can reversed it by not feeling any missed series. 

These are life's perspective which are erasable, doable and controllable.

Take the ownership of your wheel 

Do not let others misery affects you.

Focus on your wary 

Don't be wasted and feel that vested time did not end up well.

This is the perfect time to move, be positive and motivated!

You don't need to please it, show it or make yourself pleasing.

You just have to be You , Human with humility.


Thursday, August 15, 2019

Kid's Eat FREE Meal at Max's Restaurant

Who wants FREE? Anyone right, so why not grabbed those in free. 

Honestly, they don't advertise this promo much. We had to asked the waiter and show the FB post of Max promo and with no questioned asked she handed us over the kids meal. Woolaaaa!

All Fridays to Sundays from March 22 to December 29, 2019

NOTE: No coupons needed. Just screenshot the mechanics and present it to the staff.


✓Kids aged 10 and below with an adult paying companion will get a FREE Max’s Kid’s Meal.

✓Limit of one Free Kid’s Meal per transaction.

✓Valid in all Max's Restaurant nationwide.

✓Valid for dine-in transactions only.

✓Promo Period: All Fridays to Sundays from March 22 to December 29, 2019

Tuesday, August 13, 2019


Come and find me
In the depths
Of your regret Bring me back
to the day
that we met
We'll take it slow
Until we know
Do we fall
Or do we forget?


Sunday, August 11, 2019

The Wrong Turn

New Page is UP, what can we say today?

Everything's wrong with today's society: We know 

We are not Anti
We are not Pessimist
We conclude
We Know

We exist to roast today's generation.

Youngsters who get driven by trends, making them incapable of having their own perspective on things.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

How our family minimizes trash

My family is been segregating plastic trash. We have a lot of  7 Liters Wilkins bottles because I still have little ones.

We started putting plastic trash on the bottles up to now.
And imagine from 2 garbage bags every week down to 1 garbage + 1 7L wilkins bottle. That's how we minimize our trash. 

I saw videos of schools doing the ecobrick and teach the student how it does.

Sana other school will do the same hindi yung one time project lang. As i remember someone asked me if they can get the Wilkins ecobrick we have at home because her kids had it as school project. She even said that naubos na nilang buksan lahat ng wrappers nila from grocery to fill in the bottles but still not enough. The purpose was not served, instead of minimizing trash by collecting the existing we have it creates more.

My kids on ecobricking
We should ran over the plastic manufacturing. Ung ang daming sayang na plastic at non-sense packaging sa grocery. Ung chippy na binili mo ang laki ng wrapper puro hangin naman pla, halos kalahati lng laman. Packaging na single use lang like toothpaste boxes, Shampoo, Soaps etc.
It should starts at home, think of a way that could minimize your trash. For your kids future for ours.

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Saturday, May 11, 2019

Does your beauty products safe?

There are a lot of beauty products circulating in the market most of it coming from korea, thailand or dalagang pilipina inspired beauty. Hindi dahil uso, marami gumagamit effective na at safe.

Why Korea? Dahil nauuso ang mga korean nobela people tend to look after how they looks like. Ito ung tinatawag na Glass Skin, ung tipong makinis na face na mejo oily effect.

Not just that, ung packaging nila nakaka-aliw. Nakakabata ang kukulay na branding and such artistic, so maaakit ka talgang bumili.

Korean Beauty Products

Why Thailand? Dahil number 1 ang Thailand sa mga transgender ek ek. Mga kapatid natin beks sa Thailand nagsisipuntahan to undergo the trans operation. They also have wide variety of products that makes you so white and so flawless. 
Thailand Beauty Products

Sa thailand products naman, jusko nakakaaliw din, kung anong mga sabon pampaputi, mga tanggal libag at pampalaki na sabon, sasabunin lalaki na. Hahaha. 

So much of it, we tend to forgot the basics. We look somewhere else and yet we can find Organic Beauty Products on our backyards. 

Me, honestly I'm into organics. Let me just give you some background, on my previous blog I discussed how I acquired eczema and how I am too picky on getting on skin products.

Since then, my skin products are odorless and for sensitive skin. Which is very expensive such as Dove, Celleteque, Physiogel and eczema creams.

So reviewing contents of the products is a must. 

Here are some information sa mga nauusong beauty products. 

Nagulat ako sa snail white, akala ko pangalan lang may snail pala talaga mga nakikita ko naka display sa watsons. 

Read contents first, huwag sunod sa uso at review. If it works for her maybe not for you. Rule of the thumb always do patch test.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

I'm Dyeing + Secrets Reveal

Before you panic,  I repeat I'm Dye-iing :) . Yes, sort of bored of the casual looks and wanted to add some flavors to my hair.

And I know this is the best time to do it. I can still recall when I was studying this is so "Bawal". No hair color, no cuticles, no piercing aside from the normal piercing in ears for girls, boys should have 3x2 haircuts. So much of that, so this is a revenge for me hahaha. Now, I can do it and luckily my workplace doesn't have issues with it. 

To start, I do a lot of research, and to achieve the bright colored hair you really need to bleached your hair. Bleaching is removing the natural black color of your hair and turns it into blonde. Frequency of beaching depends on the result of your first bleaching, normally it will turn it to Tan Orange then yellow orange, yellow gold then whitish yellow.

So better choose, the right bleaching powder to intensify the lightness right away. LOreal and Wella are good choice but it is cost a lot. One sachet cost P500 for one single use, but it will makes your hair on the 2nd level of lightens.

I tried doing the treatment in Salon that cost me P2500 (Bleach+Color+Treatment+Reborn). Ang Mahal maging maganda 😼. Few weeks it is super pigmented and shiny but then downside is mejo high maintenance para ma-achieve ang pak na pak na hair goals mo. Conditioner everyday twice a week shampoo only because shampooing removes the hair pigments. 

So eto na nga nung nag-start ng mag-fade at maging orangee copper na ung color ng hair. I start to think to mix and try different colors. So dito ko na nadiscover pede naman pla every week magpalit ng kulay no need bleaching, no salon, no hassle and easy DIY. 

Secret reveal na mga beshy, (drum roll plssss), I'm using this "CELLOWAX" by Merry Sun, this is conditioner type na pangkulay with treatment na rin. I use it every 3 weeks once faded na ung color ng hair and wanted some retouch or change of colors. Simple lang, apply lang sa buhok sa regular na nag-conditoner ka lang then leave it for 2hrs and cover ng hair net. then rinse. Wola, kapit na kapit ung kulay , leaving hair softs and no tanggle. Color results may vary depending on the lightens of your hair, sa akin since I bleached my hair it is lighter, if virgin hair no bleach made at black na black yan don't expect na kakapit ung kulay. 

Ohh da'vah! Gandang hindi mo inakala , salon like treatment pa ang peg mo. Just maintain it with Hair treatments Hot Oil, Hair reborn, Hair Spa that cost P100-P150 lang na mabibili sa suking tindahan Watsons, Hortalleza and HBC (Not paid to endorsed them). 

Hope that helps you to explore and express that art and moods through your hair. 

Here are the evolution of my hair.

Monday, March 4, 2019

Mt.Marami-Silyang Bato Day Hike

Maragondon, Cavite
Jump-off point: Brgy. Ramirez, Magallanes, Cavite
Alternate jumpoff: Brgy.Talipusngo, Maragondon, Cavite
Days required / Hours to summit: 4-6 hours
Specs: Minor climb, Difficulty 3/9, Trail class 1-3.
Features: Rocky outcrops, scenic views of Cavite

About the Place:

So rocky and dry, when we had our climb last  Jan 13, 2019. Marking it as 3/9 difficulty and a minor climb sounds promising to beginners hike but honestly I almost wanted to end the trail hahaha. Yes it was easy trail few rough rocks and uphill but it was very long trail for me. 

We started around 5:15 am, it begins smoothly; parts of it were rocky and steep trail it was drought stream or tuyong ilog. Kuya Manong our guide said when it is wet season they can't get up because the stream is flowing very hard. I imagine how muddy it is during wet season. Luckily, during our climb it was dry season and the 3 rivers were we crossed was just a heel high. 

Crossing the Kayrayag River

After the river, it is consistently an easy hike. Following the trail going up is full of tall trees to shed you from the sun. Pastulan ng Kambing look alike scenery, grass fields. 

The start hike scene

After like 3hrs, there is the first peak where we rested and a fresh Buko juice for P20.00, so refreshing and that you don't want to push through the hike. :) 

Enjoying my Fresh Buko on hill top

So little by little along the trail you can now see the view and the mountain that you need to climb on. It has some ropes as well to help you stepping on uphills, which is really a big hel

View going up

Thanks to the rope who holds me when I needed most

To reach the peak, you need to climb the rocks and few leaps going up. 

And there you go the 360 view of the mountain. So it's time "Awra mode" is on make the most of the view with your Instagramable pose.

After the "Awra mode" we took our lunch on the same spot on shaded area. It took us like an hour and half on the peak before we went down. 


Mt.Marami-Silyang Bato
WHAT: Hiking
WHERE: Brgy.Ramirez, Magallanes,Cavite.
WHEN: January 13, 2019 (Sunday)
TRAILHEAD: Brgy.Ramirez, Magallanes,Cavite.
-405 MASL.
SPECS: Minor Climb
Difficulty: 3/9
2:00am - Assembly @ Carmona Area
2:30am - ETD
4:30am -  to jump off, register, secure guides, briefing.
5:00am -Start Trek Mt.Marami
8:30am - Arrival Mt.Marami Summit
10:00am - back to jump off
12:00pm - to jump off
12:30pm - lunch & rest
1:30pm - going to Pantihan/Oriit falls
2:00pm - @Pantihan falls/oriit falls
2:30pm - 3:30 pm - swimming time
5:00pm - go home
*recommended for beginners* 😊

You can book your visit thru Jay Ilagan, the facilitator on the area.  You can message me to know his contact number :). 

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

The ITCH in me

Have you experience something strange appears in your skin aside from the pimples (which we know is normal part of growing up)? You just have it all over your body with no obvious reason and no hint at all.

Let me walk you through how my past months been a roller coaster ride for me.This is my journey and how I am coping up the itch in me.

Three months after I gave birth I have this rashes on my legs, at first I thought it was just preggy marks so i scratched it a little. But it gets itchier than ever and so the more i scratched and relieves the feeling the more it gets worsen. I also applied some rash ointment but still did not subside at all. That's the time I had my check up with the Allergologist and found out that I have Skin Asthma. That surprise me because at my age very late bloomer hahha. But I have Asthma as well which develops late on set when I gave birth on my 2nd child.

So, it concludes me that every time I gave birth I might get another illness or maybe because I have weak resistance? Is that true mommies? Sabi nga ng mga matatanda, too sensitive and mga buntis at bagong panganak kaya bawal mahamugan, mabinat at mapagod. But on medical world sabi ng allergologist magkakapatid daw ang asthma, skin asthma at rhinitis. You will tend to develop 2 sa magkakapatid na allergies.

I actually have 3 counts hahah, Asthma, Skin Asthma and Rhinitis (every morning I woke up).

So, how do I deal with it?

1. Don't Scratch - Golden rule ng Doctor the rashes will not go it will just deepen the scar.

2. Diet - I have clean diet, no meat no fish no dairy. Veggie diet, feeling ko kambing na nga ko that time. Lahat na ata ng gulay na laga at nagisa ko na. That was my diet for 3 straight weeks. 

3. Take the allergy test - Once you recovered from your rash and healthy. The Doctor  will advise you to take the allergy test, to identify which food or allergens triggers the allergy. But i have not taken mine yet, I'm too lazy to get back to the Doc since i'm very ok now. hahah. The allergy test would cost up like P7,000, If you have healthcard you may check with but mostly it is covered by it.

4. Know what makes you itch, adjust your lifestyle maybe the clothes you wear. I always wear cotton something smooth and soft to skin. My times na some type of cloth makes me itch, ung tipong pag nadikit sayo  ung mabuhangin na effect at makati. I even have my own bedding.

5. Moisturize Moisturize Moisturize another golden rule, bawal ma-dry ung skin. 2-3 times ako naglolotion a day. Lalo na pag naka aircon ka mabilis magdry ung skin so need to mosturize.

I'm not an expert better yet consult your doctor kasi iba iba naman ng skin types but these are what heals me. Luckily, It did not reoccur for past 6 months now.