Tuesday, January 8, 2019

The ITCH in me

Have you experience something strange appears in your skin aside from the pimples (which we know is normal part of growing up)? You just have it all over your body with no obvious reason and no hint at all.

Let me walk you through how my past months been a roller coaster ride for me.This is my journey and how I am coping up the itch in me.

Three months after I gave birth I have this rashes on my legs, at first I thought it was just preggy marks so i scratched it a little. But it gets itchier than ever and so the more i scratched and relieves the feeling the more it gets worsen. I also applied some rash ointment but still did not subside at all. That's the time I had my check up with the Allergologist and found out that I have Skin Asthma. That surprise me because at my age very late bloomer hahha. But I have Asthma as well which develops late on set when I gave birth on my 2nd child.

So, it concludes me that every time I gave birth I might get another illness or maybe because I have weak resistance? Is that true mommies? Sabi nga ng mga matatanda, too sensitive and mga buntis at bagong panganak kaya bawal mahamugan, mabinat at mapagod. But on medical world sabi ng allergologist magkakapatid daw ang asthma, skin asthma at rhinitis. You will tend to develop 2 sa magkakapatid na allergies.

I actually have 3 counts hahah, Asthma, Skin Asthma and Rhinitis (every morning I woke up).

So, how do I deal with it?

1. Don't Scratch - Golden rule ng Doctor the rashes will not go it will just deepen the scar.

2. Diet - I have clean diet, no meat no fish no dairy. Veggie diet, feeling ko kambing na nga ko that time. Lahat na ata ng gulay na laga at nagisa ko na. That was my diet for 3 straight weeks. 

3. Take the allergy test - Once you recovered from your rash and healthy. The Doctor  will advise you to take the allergy test, to identify which food or allergens triggers the allergy. But i have not taken mine yet, I'm too lazy to get back to the Doc since i'm very ok now. hahah. The allergy test would cost up like P7,000, If you have healthcard you may check with but mostly it is covered by it.

4. Know what makes you itch, adjust your lifestyle maybe the clothes you wear. I always wear cotton something smooth and soft to skin. My times na some type of cloth makes me itch, ung tipong pag nadikit sayo  ung mabuhangin na effect at makati. I even have my own bedding.

5. Moisturize Moisturize Moisturize another golden rule, bawal ma-dry ung skin. 2-3 times ako naglolotion a day. Lalo na pag naka aircon ka mabilis magdry ung skin so need to mosturize.

I'm not an expert better yet consult your doctor kasi iba iba naman ng skin types but these are what heals me. Luckily, It did not reoccur for past 6 months now. 

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