Monday, March 4, 2019

Mt.Marami-Silyang Bato Day Hike

Maragondon, Cavite
Jump-off point: Brgy. Ramirez, Magallanes, Cavite
Alternate jumpoff: Brgy.Talipusngo, Maragondon, Cavite
Days required / Hours to summit: 4-6 hours
Specs: Minor climb, Difficulty 3/9, Trail class 1-3.
Features: Rocky outcrops, scenic views of Cavite

About the Place:

So rocky and dry, when we had our climb last  Jan 13, 2019. Marking it as 3/9 difficulty and a minor climb sounds promising to beginners hike but honestly I almost wanted to end the trail hahaha. Yes it was easy trail few rough rocks and uphill but it was very long trail for me. 

We started around 5:15 am, it begins smoothly; parts of it were rocky and steep trail it was drought stream or tuyong ilog. Kuya Manong our guide said when it is wet season they can't get up because the stream is flowing very hard. I imagine how muddy it is during wet season. Luckily, during our climb it was dry season and the 3 rivers were we crossed was just a heel high. 

Crossing the Kayrayag River

After the river, it is consistently an easy hike. Following the trail going up is full of tall trees to shed you from the sun. Pastulan ng Kambing look alike scenery, grass fields. 

The start hike scene

After like 3hrs, there is the first peak where we rested and a fresh Buko juice for P20.00, so refreshing and that you don't want to push through the hike. :) 

Enjoying my Fresh Buko on hill top

So little by little along the trail you can now see the view and the mountain that you need to climb on. It has some ropes as well to help you stepping on uphills, which is really a big hel

View going up

Thanks to the rope who holds me when I needed most

To reach the peak, you need to climb the rocks and few leaps going up. 

And there you go the 360 view of the mountain. So it's time "Awra mode" is on make the most of the view with your Instagramable pose.

After the "Awra mode" we took our lunch on the same spot on shaded area. It took us like an hour and half on the peak before we went down. 


Mt.Marami-Silyang Bato
WHAT: Hiking
WHERE: Brgy.Ramirez, Magallanes,Cavite.
WHEN: January 13, 2019 (Sunday)
TRAILHEAD: Brgy.Ramirez, Magallanes,Cavite.
-405 MASL.
SPECS: Minor Climb
Difficulty: 3/9
2:00am - Assembly @ Carmona Area
2:30am - ETD
4:30am -  to jump off, register, secure guides, briefing.
5:00am -Start Trek Mt.Marami
8:30am - Arrival Mt.Marami Summit
10:00am - back to jump off
12:00pm - to jump off
12:30pm - lunch & rest
1:30pm - going to Pantihan/Oriit falls
2:00pm - @Pantihan falls/oriit falls
2:30pm - 3:30 pm - swimming time
5:00pm - go home
*recommended for beginners* 😊

You can book your visit thru Jay Ilagan, the facilitator on the area.  You can message me to know his contact number :). 

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  1. me together with a few friends decided to have a dayhike on friday 10.11.2019.
    please recommend a tour guide
    thanks in advance