Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Google+ or Facebook

It happens when I'm searching through Google, and i notice red arrow up pointing to google+, and that begins my Google+ account.

Looks like facebook, easy to navigate and more o personalize. You can also follow friends, that is similar to Tweeter. So, all in all my own opinion its one stop social sites, that combines, Facebook, Tweeter and Tumblr.

Because of Google+, i can easily follow I.T. Celebrities and latest updates on Technology. Like Mashable, honestly i didn't know the name. MAshable is big help for me, since im fond of there post anything under the I.T. Industry , latest on Tweeter, Youtubes , etc.

To sum it up, two thumbs up to Google+. For me its not just a social sites, its more to it. Lov't

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Kids will do what they seen to

Here are some funny pictures i noticed, at 10 months i'm so excited what my daughter can do. Simple clapping of hands, by showing her how to do that. And yeah, she learned that, she's been doing a lot of  funny things now, like when you say, " Kiss mommy" she will pout her lips, beautiful eyes, open your mouth, and pointing things as well.
At first, i'm giving her toy's names, 'where's poctchi ' (the name of her stuff toys), she will look and stare on it, where's mommy, where's daddy, and recently she knows where her nose is.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Another Bonding days...

When we get day off at work, we make sure we do some bonding stuff with isha, since sometimes i'm on the night shift and hubby as well, because i'm working as an I.T. support while hubby is a nurse. And one of the things we like is doing the grocery.

We went out with the sunny weather then suddenly after getting to the mall it pours the heavy rain.

We started to do the grocery, get some biscuits for her, while isha sitting on the cart, you need to give her something to get busy with, so that she will not ask to carry her.

and look she have bunch of cookies in hand..heheh

We ate at chowking (name of the food store), 1 meal for me and hubby, and especially one siopao for isha.

And so here we are, she needs still something to get busy, so i gave my cellphone,hahha, most of the time she's throwing it. :P

Take some walk, since isha is just 10 months old, dad is holding her.And that little kid is running, so excited to get her feet on the ground and she's fond of looking for those little one's like her.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fun Run At Bonifacio Global City

This is my first run ever as in ever, disregard ung pagtakbo ko nung hinahabol ako ng aso hehehe. This run cost much, you're not just helping yourself to be fit (im really fit it shows :P) your also helping beneficiaries of this run. Like it said Earth Run its for Greenpeace.

We arrived at Bonifacio global city around 5:50am, and we started to run 6:10, were really late that time, so we just enjoy ourselves running.
We just 3 who ran, dapat we're 7 kaso my bagyo that time, so some of us hnde na tumuloy, some are getting sick. And kame Go sago parin weehh.Pagdating dun walang ka-ulan ulan amen.

Until next run......

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Disappointed with facebook..

Picture Hay nako, naiinis ako ngaung araw na to, nung naglog-in ako sa facebook - auto login na ko sa laptop. Pull up ng mozilla at type , pag hit ng enter , Account is disabled. Huh bkit?! sabay login din ni hubby - Acocunt is Disabled.

Ako : Bkit disabled account ntn - SPAMMER b tayo
Anna : (kapatid ko) bkit disabled din akin ung dalawa kong acocunt
Hubby :Bka error lng sa facebook
Anna: nagtext c boyfriend disabled din ung 2 account nya

Pagdating sa office nka-attach pdin ung facebook nila sa ym ver 11 nila..hmp ---> na-hack ba ako?

Grrrr..... grabe nmn, facebook is the only thing connects me to my friends, long lost friends, malayong kaibigan (outside phil friends haha ), and realatives..

Im thinking that im not/we are not being hacked, its just facebook management deleted the acocunt itself so that we will create new acccount again , and the hits on the Facebook will increase. Or some glitch on there database lng. ( my gaun tlagang conclusion - iba mag-isip ang I.T) hehhehe.

Resolution, mag create ulit ng account.. :(

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Making Fun here...

Am i look funny here? Lolz....
Picture                 Making faces, 1 2 3 pose, 1 2 3 pout lips, hahhaah. Obvious b na walang magawa, at ang ganda p ng background ah, nasan ba ko nito, ay! nsa office pala. Hi mga ka-work ko, musta mga emails madame nb, wait lng tapusin ko lng tong blog at tulong ako (sabay tingin sa inbox, walang laman,sunday pla ngaun) . Sorry sa hinde makarelate, heheh, Global helpdesk po work ko hnde model ng webcam (harharhar).

 Isang Desktop Technical Support Engineer (instant engineer dahil sa job title), title is confusing kc hnde nmn tlga desktop support nmn pati laptops, dpat ung title desktop/laptop technical support engineer, kaso masyadong mahaba, cge n nga ok na un, kesa sa walang title o maging subtitle (LOLz).

    Gustong -gusto ko tong ginagawa, ko, pag my tumawag opening spiel na ( thank you for calling global helpdesk this is andrea how can i help you! ) with smile pa yan ah, sabay sabi o sir nag-hang pc nyo parestart po tpos tawag kayo ulit pag ganun parin, pagbaba ng phone sabay kain sa desk. Hinde kami call center agents (  with flying accents hallo haw ken i hilp you,) although we are supporting Us, Europe, Asia, and United colors of beneton. Aba, napa-englich ako dun ah, kashi nmn eh.

My bago akong interes ngayon ang pag-aralang mga RAP at ma-memorize ang Super bass ni nicki minaj ( cant you hear boom, badoom,boom, boom,badoom, boom, baby super bass --> knata na)..

See yah....

Monday, August 8, 2011

Me as Photoshopers

Im still trying to work on photoshops, editing pictures , tutorials as well. I already made invitation cards, customize pictures, abstract designing. This is just one of my past time and favorite hobbies, hehehe, before i'm editing my own pictures making it rockstar, emo and abstract.

    Now, im fond of editing my isha's pix, like the one i did with this pictures.

I just customize our team's logo.

I'm still developing the gift i have with appreciating the arts,,,hahha lolz. If there's chance and i can have SLR, huh obsession with photography will be unleashed. Sana my mapulot ako sa daan..wenk wenk wenk..Me