Sunday, September 25, 2011

Kids will do what they seen to

Here are some funny pictures i noticed, at 10 months i'm so excited what my daughter can do. Simple clapping of hands, by showing her how to do that. And yeah, she learned that, she's been doing a lot of  funny things now, like when you say, " Kiss mommy" she will pout her lips, beautiful eyes, open your mouth, and pointing things as well.
At first, i'm giving her toy's names, 'where's poctchi ' (the name of her stuff toys), she will look and stare on it, where's mommy, where's daddy, and recently she knows where her nose is.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Another Bonding days...

When we get day off at work, we make sure we do some bonding stuff with isha, since sometimes i'm on the night shift and hubby as well, because i'm working as an I.T. support while hubby is a nurse. And one of the things we like is doing the grocery.

We went out with the sunny weather then suddenly after getting to the mall it pours the heavy rain.

We started to do the grocery, get some biscuits for her, while isha sitting on the cart, you need to give her something to get busy with, so that she will not ask to carry her.

and look she have bunch of cookies in hand..heheh

We ate at chowking (name of the food store), 1 meal for me and hubby, and especially one siopao for isha.

And so here we are, she needs still something to get busy, so i gave my cellphone,hahha, most of the time she's throwing it. :P

Take some walk, since isha is just 10 months old, dad is holding her.And that little kid is running, so excited to get her feet on the ground and she's fond of looking for those little one's like her.