Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Websense is Down!

Websense - is IT Security software used by customers, including companies, schools and libraries, to protect their networks from spyware, prevent students from viewing sexual or other inappropriate content, discourage employees from spending time browsing webpages instead of working, and similar purposes.

In short this is the Web filtering used by my company to block access to Facebook, You tubes, Sports, entertainment sites. And it's been down for 2 days now. Eto ang downtime na hindi nirereport ng mga empleyado. Kadalas pag my mga down na access like email, applications, Oracle and sa Linya ng manufacturing ay ni re-report agad sa amin at kami ang co contact sa support persons to have it resolved. On this case no one reported and everyone seems like enjoying the privileges to access prohibited sites.
At nasa IT kame sakop kame ng Policy itonh hnde din kame allowed to browse this. PAg nag up ang Websense ito ang makikita mo sa screen.

While down pa, soundtrip mode ako sa site na toh. Kiss You – One Direction Lyrics & Listen

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