Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Maundy Thursday @ work

Maundy Thursday, which is the day before Good Friday, is a popular Christian holiday in countries such as the Philippines. It is a regular non-working holiday in the Philippines. So in short double pay ang mga papasok ngayon.

Pros of going to work on holiday 

- onti ang tao na pumapasok ( hindi siksikan sa shuttle)
- wala masyadong traffic, pero going south expressway bumper to bumper dahil long holiday mga taga manila nag-oouting sa pansol o sa mga beaches ng batangas)
- walang mga boses 
- since onti ang pumasok na empleyado, onti din ang workload (since IT support kami onti dn ang tatawag para mag-pasupport)
- Pedeng umidlip magpahinga pala pag tapos na task mo
- higit sa lahat double pay ka 

Cons of going to work on holiday 

 - ikaw lng ang maagang gumising para pumasok at ung ibang kasama sa bahay ay nahilik pa dahil walang pasok
- tatamarin ka pumasok 
- walang canteen para mabilhan ng pagkain (jolibee delivery nlng)
- Free para mamasyal ang iba, ikaw naman nasa opisina at nakaupo

 So bukas holiday ulit kasi Black Friday at my pasok pa ko. Sinasamantala ko na ang pagkakataon na ganitong double pay sayang naman. Kasi last day na rin ng pasok ko bukas im on my 60 days Mat Leave. And sa mga araw na un ay hinde ako ssweldo. Prang studyante lng summer vacation sa bahay. Im expecting baby boy this April and excited. So Pray for my safe delivery, AJA!! Hindi ko sure kelan ulit ang post ko cguro sa aking pagbalik nlng, magiging busy mom na ako.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Housing Loan

It's a more than a week now since we started to think about getting a house, a sudden future plan was thought about and it's really happening.  The dream of owning a house one day, hubby and I have talked about buying a house knowing one day we will still leave in the current house we are staying.  It comes to the point that we are decided to get a home loan, a big commitment but well we will be the one who will benefit and it's better than forever renting a house.Our family is getting bigger and need to move in to much bigger place.
A few days ago, I've started to research, inquire and visit a bank to ask about home loan, the current annual fees, the hidden fees, mode of payment, requirements to apply and everything about home loan.They said there's a lot of homework and research what sort of property and visiting financial institution for comparison of home loan especially the rates but I think when everything is all fine, it's all worth the time and effort of running around just to get the right loan. First option is to get it thru Pag-IBIG, because you can loan it for 25-30 years in small monthly fees. In banks like BPI and BDO you can only have until 15-20 years, but bank loans is much faster to get approved rather than Pag-ibig. There are low cost housing or row housing, but you need to make sure the amenities and in long term how it is established. Sometimes row house is getting crowded.

I would like at least 150sqm that would range to 1.5-2m like what the Jubilation south subdivison offers. :)  This is a long term goal for the family, and good investment for the future. In such time we can get ours. :)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Seat Sale Today!!

When i came in to office everyone is busy to book online for the Piso Fare in Cebu Pacific. So i open up my PC and try my luck if i can get one. Imagine Domestic flights and international in just Piso fare. 

And so i did, at my first attempt when Im done to input my CC details, page hang up and suddenly error. I called my bank to check if there was credited on my account. And the teller assure me nothing was credited, so i try again. 

It's my lucky day, i booked MNL to BCLD for 4 for Jan 2014 travel for only 4,190 paid through my CC. Piso Fare all Going to and return flight. Now, i appreciate the advantage of having credit card, but i still try myself to utilize it and so my hubby don't want to be dependent on it.

Try your's visit

Cebu Pacific
Sale Period: March 7 to 8, 2013 
  • Quoted fares are one-way and have limited availability.
  • International fares are exclusive of fuel surcharges.
  • Fares are non-refundable.
  • Flight changes must be made more than 24 hours before scheduled time of departure.
  • CAB approved terms and conditions of carriage apply.  \

 Sale Period : March 2 to 5 , 2013

Purchase online or call their hotline at 855-3333 (7:00am to 11:00pm) or beyond 11:00pm at 852-4313 or 851-3302


Limited Seats Only
Free Baggage Allowance of 10 kilos for MA60 Flights
Free Baggage Allowance of 15 Kilos for A320 and A319 Flights
For phone booking and more information, please call 855-3333 or visit your favorite travel agent

Domestic Dextinations as Low as 499
Travel Period: July 1 to SEptember 30, 2013

Sale Period: March 4 to 7, 2013


Quoted fares for Domestic and International Flights are for  one-way
Fares are with 15 kilos Free Baggage Allowance.
Priced from Origin to DEstination or Vice Versa.
Subject to rules and conditions, please review carefully

Travel Period: April 1 to May 31, 2013

Sale Period: March 2 to 5, 2013
Purchase online or call their hotline at 855-3333 (7:00am to 11:00pm) beyond 11:00pm at 852-4313 or 851-3302.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Food Blogs

Foodies Blogger

I'm browsing websites for recipes and i found one link "Certified Foodies" and it directs me to affiliate Food Sites.

You can visit below links and enjoy!

Here's the top 10 Food Blogger you can read and you will amaze on simple dishes to sophisticated one.

top 10 food bloggers 2011 Best Food Blogger
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