Friday, August 31, 2018

The Hype of Brigadeiro and Hinch Donuts

Let's do some food review of this craze over weeks now. Halos araw-araw ko nakikita sa wall ko ang Kamboozia Patisserie baked goods, so na-intriga ko what makes it so famous.

The Famous Brigadeiro Loaf 

It's a 6x10 loaf with layers of chocolate and some yellowish cream and then at the bottom is the bread. The bread is soft and a little bit moist with some chewiness on it. I must agree it is indeed delicious and sweetness overload.   The whole loaf is enough for me, I can finish it in one sitting. Hahahha. 
Eating this cost me 280 pesos, it is delicious but i find it too pricey for a loaf bread than if I can compare to a branded one like Red Ribbon, the taste is somewhat closer.  

Hinch Donuts

I bought the melted cheese flavor that's their original donuts. So, it is a regular size donuts minus the hole in the middle. A donut stuffed with melted cheese glazed with powdered sugar, best tasting when preheat in the oven. One box is 180 for 12 pieces. 

The dough is bit thick for me but it is really soft dough. My kids love it they ate it on breakfast and merienda. 

I bought the Brigadeiro and Hinch to a re-seller not directly to the bakeshop. There is 40pesos added charge from the re-sellers.  

The bake shop is located in Batangas and there is a long long queue of  wholesale buyers. 

Here's the page if you want to check their baked goods. Kamboozia's Patisserie