Wednesday, March 6, 2019

I'm Dyeing + Secrets Reveal

Before you panic,  I repeat I'm Dye-iing :) . Yes, sort of bored of the casual looks and wanted to add some flavors to my hair.

And I know this is the best time to do it. I can still recall when I was studying this is so "Bawal". No hair color, no cuticles, no piercing aside from the normal piercing in ears for girls, boys should have 3x2 haircuts. So much of that, so this is a revenge for me hahaha. Now, I can do it and luckily my workplace doesn't have issues with it. 

To start, I do a lot of research, and to achieve the bright colored hair you really need to bleached your hair. Bleaching is removing the natural black color of your hair and turns it into blonde. Frequency of beaching depends on the result of your first bleaching, normally it will turn it to Tan Orange then yellow orange, yellow gold then whitish yellow.

So better choose, the right bleaching powder to intensify the lightness right away. LOreal and Wella are good choice but it is cost a lot. One sachet cost P500 for one single use, but it will makes your hair on the 2nd level of lightens.

I tried doing the treatment in Salon that cost me P2500 (Bleach+Color+Treatment+Reborn). Ang Mahal maging maganda 😼. Few weeks it is super pigmented and shiny but then downside is mejo high maintenance para ma-achieve ang pak na pak na hair goals mo. Conditioner everyday twice a week shampoo only because shampooing removes the hair pigments. 

So eto na nga nung nag-start ng mag-fade at maging orangee copper na ung color ng hair. I start to think to mix and try different colors. So dito ko na nadiscover pede naman pla every week magpalit ng kulay no need bleaching, no salon, no hassle and easy DIY. 

Secret reveal na mga beshy, (drum roll plssss), I'm using this "CELLOWAX" by Merry Sun, this is conditioner type na pangkulay with treatment na rin. I use it every 3 weeks once faded na ung color ng hair and wanted some retouch or change of colors. Simple lang, apply lang sa buhok sa regular na nag-conditoner ka lang then leave it for 2hrs and cover ng hair net. then rinse. Wola, kapit na kapit ung kulay , leaving hair softs and no tanggle. Color results may vary depending on the lightens of your hair, sa akin since I bleached my hair it is lighter, if virgin hair no bleach made at black na black yan don't expect na kakapit ung kulay. 

Ohh da'vah! Gandang hindi mo inakala , salon like treatment pa ang peg mo. Just maintain it with Hair treatments Hot Oil, Hair reborn, Hair Spa that cost P100-P150 lang na mabibili sa suking tindahan Watsons, Hortalleza and HBC (Not paid to endorsed them). 

Hope that helps you to explore and express that art and moods through your hair. 

Here are the evolution of my hair.

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