Wednesday, June 19, 2019

How our family minimizes trash

My family is been segregating plastic trash. We have a lot of  7 Liters Wilkins bottles because I still have little ones.

We started putting plastic trash on the bottles up to now.
And imagine from 2 garbage bags every week down to 1 garbage + 1 7L wilkins bottle. That's how we minimize our trash. 

I saw videos of schools doing the ecobrick and teach the student how it does.

Sana other school will do the same hindi yung one time project lang. As i remember someone asked me if they can get the Wilkins ecobrick we have at home because her kids had it as school project. She even said that naubos na nilang buksan lahat ng wrappers nila from grocery to fill in the bottles but still not enough. The purpose was not served, instead of minimizing trash by collecting the existing we have it creates more.

My kids on ecobricking
We should ran over the plastic manufacturing. Ung ang daming sayang na plastic at non-sense packaging sa grocery. Ung chippy na binili mo ang laki ng wrapper puro hangin naman pla, halos kalahati lng laman. Packaging na single use lang like toothpaste boxes, Shampoo, Soaps etc.
It should starts at home, think of a way that could minimize your trash. For your kids future for ours.

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