Friday, March 20, 2020

TAIWAN with Love

Let's discover Taiwan, why this is on the top travel destination for Filipinos.

Yes, Filipinos! when we were on Taiwan there are a lot  Filipino tourist at any corner you will not feel lost at all. 

Top Reasons on my head why we went to Taiwan.

1.Visa Free during our travel and FYI Taiwan which extended Visa program until July 2020
2. Cheaper compared to Hongkong and other Asian destination. Money conversion is just 1.62.
3. Food is very much alike to Binondo and Quiapo hahah mga chekwa flavors. Noodles, may pagka Vegetarian din sila.
4. DIY tours is very much doable because of their easy MRT system that connects each destination to Province, South, North, East West
5. Laging sale sa AirAsia at CebuPacific yung Taiwan hahah


Day 1: 

Departure :Manila to Taipei: 11PM
Arrival : Taouyuan International Airport 1: 1:30AM

Upon airport arrival we waited until 6am until the mrt opens because taxi was mejo pricey. We slept in the airport, it is safe naman and everyone actually does slept there :) hahha. 

So, from airport mrt to Main mrt took us 1 hour then another transfer to mrt going to Ximending which is where our first tour scheduled. Our Airbnb is also in Ximending area and check in time is 3pm so we are early. We just carried our luggage over the klook bus, very safe because this is the same bus all throughout out our  klook trip.

Our Tour starts at 9am booked thru klook.
Tour Time : 9am-11pm 

Steps : 23,672 - Yes'! Bessy if you are counting your calories this is the good time to do that because of the walks you will do quota ka na dito.
Energy Level :103%

Klook Tour covers

  • Yehliu Geopark
  • Jiufen old Street
  • Golden Waterfall
  • Shifen Waterfall
  • Shifen Sky Lantern
  • Taipei City Tour- Hop off Hop on bus which is part of the voucher tour as well.
Our tour finished by 6pm, we just drop off our bags and took some rest on the Airbnb home and larga na ulit on Ximending.
  • Ximending Walking Street
Some pictures from the trip:

Day 2: 
Tour Time : 8am-11pm 
  • Elephant Mountain famous for the City view like Taipei 101
  • Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall
  • National Museum
  • Maokong Gondolla
  • Taiwan Zoo
  • Raohe Market
  • Ximen night Market

Day 3:
  • Tamsui Fishermens Wharf
  • Tamsui Market
  • Shillin Night Market
🔻Airport to Hotel Transfer: 
Booked via Klook (download the Klook app for more details)
▫️Travel time from Airport to Downtown Taipei is approximately 45minutes to 1 hour.

📍Shilin Night Market (for streetfood, dinner)
🔻Walk around 2 minutes from Jiantan Station
✔️Must try:
▫️Stinky Tofu
▫️Peanut Ice Cream
▫️Honey Glazed Chicken
• Back at the hotel
• Lights off

▫️Ride MRT
▫️Walk 2 minutes to Raohe Night Market

▫️Pork Pepper Buns
▫️Peanut Ice cream
▫️Beef Cubes
▫️Jiggly Cake
▫️Sweet Potato Ball

📍Taipei Zoo
▫️Bannan Line towards Taipei
▫️Alight at Zhongxiao Fuxing
▫️Wenhu Line
▫️Alight at Taipei Zoo Station

📍Taipei 101:
▫️Taipei Zoo Station
▫️Alight at Muzha Station
▫️Muzha Bus Station
▫️Ride BR7 to Xinyy Administrative Center
▫️Walk 2 minutes to Taipei 101

📍Ximending District (Food trip)
✔️Must try:
▫️Hot Star Chicken
▫️Bubble Milk Tea
▫️Squid balls from Hot Star Chicken

📍Chiangkai Shek Memorial Hall
🔻How to get there?
▫️Sun Yat Sen Station (blue line)
▫️Alight at Taipei Main Station
▫️Taipei Main Station (red)
▫️Alight at NTU Hospital Station

📍Elephant Mountain
▫️Walk towards Yongchun Senior Highschool
▫️Walk 12 minutes to trail

Important Details:

✔️Buy MRT CARD, you can use it in MRT’s and buses. You can buy it at any MRT Station.
✔️Activities that we book in Klook:
▪️Internet dongle
▪️Taoyuan Airport Private Transfers
▪️Maokong Gondola
▪️Yehliu Geopark Admission Ticket
▪️Yehliu, Jiufen, Shifen Tour

✔️Travel Tax: 1,620php each x2
✔️Terminal Fee: 850php
✔️Activities: 3,500php / 2
✔️Mrt CARD: 1,500 pesos each
✔️Internet Dongle: 250 pesos

I will just exclude the food budget since I cant remember the expenses but I do have daily food budget limit max 1000 pesos per day for both me and my husband including the snacks.
✔️Food budget: 1,000 x 3days stay
✔️Airfare: 8,500 via Airasia roundtrip for both 
✔️Hotel Accomodation: 2,000 for 2nights and 3 days

We exchanged money currency worth 12,000 pesos to Taiwan dollar that's the pocket money we have. As a back up we have $200 dollars, as well. 

The 12,000 pesos was just enough for food,pasalubong,recreation at all my sukli pang 100 pesos :). 

🔴Estimated total expenses: 23,000 for both

📍Elephant Mountain Trail
(10,000 steps going up but worth the climb)
It is the best place to visit if you want to see the whole Taipei with a LITTLE BIT of hiking 😂
Way better than climbing the Taipei 101 building.

📍Raohe Night Market
(Cheapest Night Market in Taipei)
If you want to try a lot of food with a cheaper price, this place is for you.

📌their souvenirs are expensive 💔
📌 supermarkets has the cheaper goodies 
📌you must try their Drinks or Milkteas in 7-11 most specially the Papaya Milk
📌you can choose an Easycard with a design you want in 7-11 as a souvenir nadin (Hello Kitty, One Piece & etc)
(It can also be used not just in their trains and buses but also in their vendo machines ❤️

Will definitely go back to Taipei very very soooon! I still have a lot of places that I wanted to visit 😭💔

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