Sunday, May 24, 2020

RESTless and DEEPpression

So, you stumbled on this article, why? It's no accident, I guess we both are here in purpose.

Have you felt the same thing lately? I'm pretty honest that I do, and I'm still in denial that I am. The feeling of being tired, not because you worked so hard physically, but your mind traveled so much from past to future in seconds.

My mind was in deep. Woke up 3am, there is cold and windy outside, I'm sitting in my lounge with my laptop, everyone at home is in sleep.
I'm trying not, but in every second I fall asleep and all I can hear is wind outside and storm inside. 
I’m - almost literally- shattered with a lot of things that is going around.

Sometimes I feel that I'm the only one.... 
Knowing there are people out there 
Knowing there is a shoulder
Knowing won't resolve my internal conflict
Struggle holds my existence
Regret holds me down
There is a deeper meaning to push
Not maintaining 
Not waiting
Not looking back

The demon inside me burns, yet I still find a way to beat it day by day. 

Holding the torch to my own quest is a task I have yet to understand. 
I suppose the day will come that I will understand.

YES! YOU. Please Read this

Just let it all loose .. Let it all go! Eases the mind, eases the soul!!

You have a big heart. You're wonderful.
Smile, because you are so beautiful.
Feel warm and long hugged.
I know it hurts, always. 
You live. 
I believe in you. 
You can do everything. 
You have already done so much. 
I love you. do not give up. 
Everyone here is here for a painful reason. 
You have the power, you can do it no matter how many times life hits you. 
Get up, wake up. 
You are unique. 
Don't be scared He is here and will always be, keep in mind It's OK to worry and let your wary to him 
Everyone here loves you, I love you. 

Monday, May 4, 2020



When darkness 
Folds you in his arms
And eternal night 
Sings you to sleep
Do not surrender 
To his charms
Death will make you 
Fall for him
And take your heart
With just a kiss
The taste of sunlight
On your skin
The sweetness of life
Your fire within
Exists in this moment
To live awake
And breathe this existence
Do not give in
You are here
Where dreams begin

Photo and Digital Art @indg0